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Transform IAS Academy

Welcome to Transform ias Learning Platform



Transform IAS Academy was established keeping in mind to filter the service oriented people by giving them little support and guidelines. Aim of the institute is to make them GRASP & UTILIZE education in a Right way to TRANSFOM their career.

To Be Biggest Contributors , To the Society in The Field of Civil Service
To Shape & Rebuild Career , to sow strong incombustible responsibility towards Society & Nation Building Efforts

EDUCATION is the only power which can change the fate of the poor and make them earn their prestige and power. Though south has strong star budding potential with talented youngsters to authorize in country’s civil service but lack of proper Familiarization and Guidance at the right time and right age is the reason for current backward. Creamy layer of intellectuals and hard workers been filtered through civil service examination, which gives tremendous opportunities to people of society either grass root or top brass society people to build strong career.

TRANSFORM  IAS ACADEMY was established keeping in mind to filter the service oriented people by giving them little support and guidelines. Aim of the institute is to make them GRASP &UTILIZE education in a right way to Transform their career.

Education and career is like Bird and its wings how much of hard work and efforts one produces makes the difference. Build your career like Bar-headed goose which fly’s 21,120 feet height termed as highest flying bird, youngsters should thrive hard to reach that height to shape their career which is not a easy job but one can definitely reach heights with DEDICATION, HARDWORK, DETERMINATION. We bridge and train  how to fly with little smartness.

IAS and other allied services examinations are conducted by UPSC are the most PRESTIGIOUS EXAMINATIONS in the country. UPSC  has nothing to do with only intelligent candidates it is rather looking out for the candidate with a leadership skills and an analysis  with presence of  mind and hard work along with smart work. TRANSFORM’s main ideology is to break the myth pertaining to exam and give an affordable price structure to youngsters which is a  big challenge than the exams.


TRANSFORM IASACADEMY takes the pride, taps its back and proud to announce that the methodology adopted to teach the aspirants is very unique and specialized; none can compete with quality, simple tips & tricks and logical techniques of Transform ias academy.

To prove this fact Transform has beaten the market in cost of coaching, myths created in the commercial world and proving itself each and every time YES, Transform ias academy is at the right track of giving deadly combination of quality and affordable fees. Transform ias academy is committed to itself not to limit just with teaching but also to be completely dedicated and be a strong driving force in once success.In present competitive world being hard worker does not get you success it’s all about how smart you are and therefore your strategy, Smart work and suitable Strategy for one self-will definitely see the success in life and that’s exactly what Transform ias academy alarm’s for.

Transform ias academy is a master for itself, replicating the ideas of Delhi center or others is not the idea, anything you clone is a cloned knowledge therefore once cannot be real, Were in Transform ias it has its own strength & style and always wanted to be One of its Own kind. Therefore its experienced knowledge and strategies are pure and strong like a storm.

We strive to ensure workable methodology and latest coaching Ideas with innovative steps to implement the best techniques for your Success.

Here, at Transform ias academy you will provided with all perfect smart strategy, Necessary Notes, Booklist, study materials, previous year question papers and solutions, Best Test Series and 360 degree coverage of Current affairs and support in all possible ways. As you an Aspirant we just want your dedication, sincerity, seriousness, discipline, smart work, to bring the success to your doorstep and Lite your life with lights and we take the pride for Been produced such talented, sincere officer to the society and be a strong pillar in building our society. We look forward to trust us and give us your valuable time to get the best and the winner within you.

  • The Team consists of Experts in the field of Civil Service.
  • Well planned Study strategy Program Methodology.
  • Strategy & Tips to score High Rank in CSE
  • 360 Degree Complete coverage of syllabus
  • Mentoring by Top Quality Faculties.
  • Quality Current Affairs in Line with UPSC pattern.
  • Committed to TIME BOUND completion of syllabus.
  • Balance between GS And Optional subject.
  • Specialized in conducting regular Tests for Prelims & Mains
  • Focus on Answer writing skills.
  • Flexible Timings for Students & Working Professionals
  • Decode the syllabus and made easy for aspirants
  • Small batches to provide personal Interest
  • Time Management for Beginners
  • Golden Tips to CRACK CIVIL SERVICE
  • Most important Cost-effective Coaching.